Reddit’s Innovative Ad Update: Carousel and Product Ads Transform User Interaction

by | Social Media News

Reddit has announced the introduction of new ad formats within its Conversation Placement feature.

These include Carousel Ads and Product Ads, designed to engage Reddit’s audience more dynamically within conversation threads. The Carousel Ads, now enhanced with a redesigned look, allow brands to display up to six images or GIFs, each with its clickable link.

Product Ads, launched earlier this year, aim to reach users who are already seeking product and service recommendations on Reddit. With over 60,000 campaigns already utilizing these placements, Reddit emphasizes its unique, high-intent audience and the rich discussions that characterize the platform.

These updates are part of Reddit’s ongoing efforts to integrate advertising seamlessly into the user experience and are available globally to all Reddit advertisers.

For more detailed information, you can read the full article on Reddit’s website.

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